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Lessons? whats it all about?

A Brief History of the dance

Welcome to the world of Jive and swing dance, at FOD jive and swing we teach the original jive dance known as the Lindyhop. A dance that had it's roots in the ballrooms of Harlem in the late 1920's. Coming from the the era of the charleston and with the development of  the jazz music known as Swing, this dance flourished in the 1930's in the era of the great depression. It grew throughout the USA and worldwide and in WW2 Britain was introduced to the GI's dance that was also termed Jive or Jitterbug. Lindyhop had a lull in the late ninteen forties, and early ninteen fifties but with the advent of Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll it became the teenagers dance of that period. Again the dance took a dip when the twist and other solo dances took hold in the 1960's. Since the 1980s the dance has re-emerged and has become one of the the most popular dances in Britain, including being a featured dance in the 2009 finals of "Strictly come Dancing". 

What happens at a lesson ?

In a beginners / Improvers class you will warm up looking at footwork and tempo, then you partner up and go through the moves. It is also very beneficial to change partners regularly. A lesson is an hour long and then its time for refreshments and a chance to practise your moves. The next part of the lesson is geared towards intermediates and it is recommended that you go through beginner / improvers for a minimum of two terms to master the basics, you are then able to take part at this level. Why not purchase the DVD's to fast track your progress.

How much does it cost ?

All of lesson / session cost £5. which covers tea , coffee and biscuits and if you take either one or two of the sessions. All evening sessions start at 7-30pm.

How long is a term ?

Generally between 10 to 15 weeks, depending on starting dates and bank holidays, we are operational during school half terms.Lessons are on a drop- in basis but to benefit and improve on the dance we recommend you commit to the whole term.

Do I need any special equipment?

At lessons we recommend a smooth bottom shoe and comfortable clothing, later on in your dance career you might invest in retro clothing and swing dance shoes, thats a personel decision. Foot wear wise be careful with stillettoes, sandals and training shoes because these can cause injury to yourself and partners. Also be aware of personal hyigene, over the years one thing that  is bought to our attention is that certain individuals may be unaware of personal cleanliness so if your not sure we do recommend anti perspirant / deodorant and be aware of what you eat and keep your teeth and breath clean. We would prefer to let you all  know and leave it to your discretion. 


Where can I Learn ?






Jive-Dance Blast

Pen-Y-Pound, Abergavenny



Jive-Community Centre

Naas Lane, Lydney,

GL15 5AT


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